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OHV PASS REQUIRED. The rule is if you have wheels, you are required to purchase and display an OHV pass. This includes mountain bikes. 2016 rates are $3.00 per day or $30.00 per calendar year. You must purchase your pass before going onto the trails.

STAY ON DESIGNATED TRAILS!  Maintaining this system is expensive. If you cannot continue on a designated trail due to difficulty, time or other reason, turn around and go back the way you came.  The #1 reason OHV parks around the USA are closing is damage to the surrounding environment.  The barriers are there to protect you and to protect the delicate environment and wildlife that surrounds our trail system.  If you see a vehicle or ATV going off trail and have the opportunity to photograph the vehicle with tag and the face of the offender, please do so and email the information to the USFS. With the tag #, make, model, color of the vehicle and a clear photo of the driver they can issue citations.  FACT: over 600 tickets were issued in 2015. 

ALCOHOL PROHIBITED! Alcohol is not allowed on the trail system. You may receive a ticket for carrying alcohol onto the trail or DUI if operating a vehicle while drinking. Punishable by fine up to $5,000 and imprisonment up to 6 months, and possible loss of license.

TREAD LIGHTLY!  If you bring it onto the trail system, take it with you when you exit.  We collect thousands of pounds of garbage thrown onto our trail system by disrespectful people every year.  Please be courteous. Do not throw unwanted items, cans, broken parts, or other items onto the trail, in the wood line, or leave hanging in trees. Take it home with you or dispose of it in a trash receptacle.

We ask that you visit  https://www.treadlightly.org/education/learn/

If you are a 4wd Club that frequents Uwharrie, FOU asks that you require your members to take the free Tread Lightly Awareness Class online. Please consider making the Tread Lightly! principles part of your club rules.

PREPARE!  Before beginning your exploration of the Uwharrie OHV trails, do some planning.  The terrain ranges from moderate to extremely difficult with challenges in mud, rock, side slope, curves, inclines, declines and some one lane areas with low visibility.

Have a recovery plan! Parts break, vehicles get stuck, it is part of the adventure. Pack spare parts, recovery gear such as winch, cables, straps, ropes, hi-lift and know the proper way to use them safely. Go with another vehicle or with a group. Let someone know where you are going and when you will return. Carry a CB or phone. Pack food, water and a first aid kit. Bring a map of the trail system and plan your day. The US Forestry Service office is in place to manage the forest, complete maintenance and establish safety precautions but they do not recover or tow your vehicle should you have an issue.  They may assist in extreme emergencies or evacuations but not routine mishaps.

ATV/DIRT BIKE  riders are required to wear helmets and eye protection.  STAY ON DESIGNATED TRAILS.  OHV rules apply to everyone, including mountain bikes.  No double riding. You may not ride on a public street or road except to cross. Must have working head and tail lights, brakes, muffler and spark arrester. Operators must be over age 8. Under age 16 must be supervised. Daniel and Dickey Bell trails are extremely difficult and are not advised for ATV/Dirt bikes.

DO NOT ABANDON YOUR VEHICLE ON THE TRAILS. If your vehicle becomes disabled, ensure it is not in the middle of the trail but off to the side.  Have a recovery plan. The USFS is not responsible for vehicles that are damaged if left unattended. Remove your vehicle the day it becomes disabled. 

Control Wheel Spin, do not create or enlarge mud holes.  Yes, playing in the mud can be fun, but it is illegal for you to create a large mud hole on or near a trail.  There is only one legal mud hole on the OHV trail system it is affectionately known as “the soup bowl”.  Each time someone digs out an area on a trail, money is spent closing it. 

As you enjoy our beautiful resource keep in mind that it is all of our responsibility to preserve and protect it. The USFS wants to purchase additional acreage to expand your trail system. Plans are underway to develop additional areas for more designated trails but if people keep destroying what is existing, and money is wasted in repairs, they will not be able to afford to purchase and maintain additional space.  Please take the time to help educate. Yes it can be frustrating, but yes, it does make a difference.




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  1. My name is Ted Burrous and I am an Administrator with Wicked Jeeps of North Carolina. We are looking for ways to get involved with Friends of Uwharrie. I understand that the next workday is May 16th and we are putting together an event for our Chapter Members to come and participate. Do you have a point of contact that I can engage with to get more information?

    Thank You,

    Ted Burrous

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