There are approximately 51,000 acres of  National Forest System lands in Montgomery, Randolph and Davidson Counties.

The Greater Uwharrie National Forest is a natural playground full of endless possibilities for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, folklore lovers and families.


Recreationists enjoy hunting, fishing, boating, kayaking, gold panning, horseback riding, hiking, OHV riding, mountain biking and more.


 Friends Of Uwharrie represents you, the recreationist, in the greater Uwharrie National Forest area. Our goal is simple, we are working to bring all recreationists together to help preserve and protect this wonderful resource now and for future generations. We encourage you to take part in this effort and allow us to be YOUR voice in the effort to protect our most valuable resource.


We work with a coalition of land owners, outdoor enthusiasts like you and business owners to bring charitable contributions, volunteer time and resources together to help maintain the trail systems, preserve natural habits and create new opportunities for you to explore.

There are approximately 20 miles of challenging off highway vehicle trails consisting of steep, rocky, muddy sections, stream crossings and loose gravel in the Uwharrie National Forest located in the North Carolina Piedmont. The US Forestry Service continuously works on these trails to keep a balance between our desire to explore and enjoy the trail system and nature’s needs. Each month the USFS holds a volunteer workday encouraging the many clubs that enjoy the trail system to spend a day assisting with physical maintenance that the system requires but cannot afford to fund.

Friends of Uwharrie is a non-profit organization that helps maintain and preserve the Uwharrie National Forest. We work with volunteers to help the US Forestry Service complete projects that are critical to keeping this beautiful resource available for thousands to enjoy each year.


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  1. Shelby Friml

    Good morning, I live in Star but am only a ten resident. My home state is Vermont. I am an avid equestrian, but only ride at Morrow Mountain at the moment. I ride a sport Mounted Orienteering. I am interested in being a part of the preservation of the Uwharries. I also own a business, Double Diamond Equine, and am a professional saddle fitter. I was also the previous owner of the Sandhills are Resort Map, which i enlarged to include the Montgomery County side of this region. While small, I might be interested in being a sponsor if that falls into my monetary ability. either way I’m following what’s going on and hope to join in some of the preservation efforts at the same time learning what all the mountains offer especially historically speaking. I am just as interested in hiking as I am riding. Thanks in advance, SHelby Friml

    1. Robin

      Hi Shelby! We welcome all enthusiasts! We hold a work day each month on the 3rd Saturday of the month. January is an exception, it is the 4th Saturday. We meet up at 9 am at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp on HWY 109. We clean trails, cut brush, install railings, move rock, close bypasses, etc on all trail systems. You are welcome to join our work group any time! Please follow our FB page facebook.com/friendsofuwharrie for more information. Thank you!


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